The sustainability of “dry” structures

Sustainability is a very broad concept which involves many aspects of the life of buildings: from the process of creating the components to their on-site assembly, from the life of the building while in use right through to its demolition.

Sustainability thus does not end with the notion of energy saving; its definition and achievement are much more complex, involving a series of aspects which must include the construction process, caretaking of the building and its final conversion or demolition.

Contemporary architecture in Italy is finally - and enthusiastically - focussing on the use of building systems with a high technology content to meet the functional and aesthetic requirements of projects, and to fulfil organisational and management needs during the process of construction. In this regard metallic dry prefabrication has come to take on a fundamental role thanks to the excellent results achieved by the systems, by the materials available on the market and by execution and assembly techniques.

The term "dry" construction in fact identifies the use during the construction phase of materials and components which have been prefabricated using an industrialised process. Thus, and compared to traditional methods which involved veritable on-site "production" processes (reinforced concrete structures, floor slabs with beams, masonry, brick walls, etc.), perfect dovetailing of the finished building with pre-established requirements at the planning stage can be ensured, with a number of important advantages:

The solutions offered by the Pre Metal Group are fully compatible with the notion of sustainable building. In particular, their compliance with LEED standards and the chief systems of environmental certification for buildings facilitates loan approval.

Loan approval simple in accordance with LEED 2009 ITALIA "New Constructions"

SS5.1 - SS6.1 - SS6.2 - SS7.2 - EA1 - EA2 - MR1.1 - MR2 - MR3 - MR4 - MR5 - MR6 - QI4.1 - QI4.2 - QI4.3 - QI4.4 - QI7.1 - QI8.1 - QI8.2 - IP (Pilot loans for efficient planning of the life-cycle of the building and seismically dissipative systems)

What we offer

We offer cooperation and consultation to building designers and Customers in identifying the building systems and components most suitable for satisfying the aesthetic, functional and economic requirements for a given project, paying particular attention to integration of elements and executive planning.

We draw up technical and economic proposals and dedicated estimates for the execution of sustainable buildings offering "turnkey solutions" or solutions for individual parts of buildings.