Assembly and on-site work department

The site is where the building takes shape through assembly and mounting of all the components which have been designed and produced in advance.
Proper execution of assembly depends on accurate planning of the resources employed, machinery and vehicle availability, delivery logistics and component handling.
Our view is that it is essential in this phase of the process to be able to rely on suitably qualified skilled operatives with a high level of experience who use modern equipment and suitable lifting gear such as mobile cranes and mobile elevating platforms to operate efficiently and safely.
We take this question of safety - and in particular the safety of our site workers - during the assembly phase very seriously. Our technicians therefore make provision for suitable fixed systems to prevent falls right from the planning phase, and our site managers who are experts in the field are at hand to plan and allow for possible critical points arising in the building schedule.
Our skilled operatives, owned vehicles and machinery furthermore render us flexible and self-sufficient in our work organisation, guaranteeing compliance with quality standards and agreed work schedules.