Steel structures

STRENGTH AND LIGHTNESS are the first impressions that strike anyone looking at steel structures employed in projects with significant architectural and engineering input. The search for new forms and the need for ductility and “freedom” in spaces all favour the use of steel in contemporary buildings, which in turn allows limitation of the cumbersome elements of structures and wider clear spans.
Currently the need to control SUSTAINABILITY and environmental impact, both during production processes and in finished buildings, is increasingly an issue, leading to greater awareness on the part of building designers and others working in the sector. These trends have pushed steel to the top of the list of useable materials due the fact that it is HIGHLY RECYCLABLE, while the ease and speed of on-site assembly of prefabricated structures lowers the cost of construction administration and preliminary site work.  Finally, the FLEXIBILITY of steel structures and prefabricated components permits possible future adaptation and reuse of spaces, through expansion or elevation, or by means of disassembly and reassembly through a high level of built-in versatility when creating joints and supporting and bracing elements.