Coverings and facings

THE MOST DEMANDING PERFORMANCE-RELATED REQUIREMENTS can be met by using materials and components with high technological value, which can be warranted and certified at the manufacturing phase.
The ever increasing needs for energy saving and acoustic comfort, deriving in part from current Italian legislation (Legislative Decree 19 August 2005  No. 192, Prime Ministerial Decree 5 December 1997), require an exact and well-chosen approach when planning building execution. Furthermore these needs render monitoring of on-site building processes an absolute necessity in order to ensure actual compliance with requirements established at the planning phase in the case of walls or coverings. Such parameters must also be measurable and certifiable during the building phase for joints, seams, fixtures and fittings and so on.
What this amounts to is the logic of industrialised processes. The market offers an endless number of technical solutions in terms of materials and components. Our long experience and our ongoing passion for innovating and breaking new ground transforms these into actual projects that take into account the real needs of the Customer as well as the functional and architectural choices of the designer.